They Lost My Sock, I broke Up with My Laundry


I’m missing one part of my socks

You know what I did last weekend? Wash and dry my own clothes. Usually I had laundry shop, but when they lost my sock (one part of sock) from Topman (above), I was upset.  I mean, common, how could you say your place is profesional one but still lost my sock? I considered myself as good customer, because I gave them like one month time to find my missing sock, but they came up with exceuse. “Sorry, we can’t find your sock.”

So I ask, what is your solution? And she replies, “We can only refund 50% of your sock price.” It’s totally rude, don’t you think? I don’t need the money, I just want my sock. But she keeps insited that is not their problem. You pissed me off when you can’t take the responsibility of your job, so I did what an adult should do. Took the 50% and never, ever return to that suck laundry place again.

If you can’t deal with that problem like that, learn your lesson, and move on. By move on, I have not find the new laundry place, so gotta do it myself. It’s not a bad activity actually. You can safe more money and  plus you can choose your own softener.

P.s old laundry: your chemicals too strong, just saying.