Fashion Friday: Great Hair Style via Details Magazine

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First of all, I don’t really care about the fur because a). I live in tropical country; b). I can’t afford those luxury fur; c). I’m short, so I will look like 10 years boy wearing his dad coat. Although the furs are great, but let’s be honest here for a sec. Is it just me, or you also see what see? The great hair style. I know, I know, it’s not only because the hair, but also because the good looking model, but I can’t help myself to amaze of how great his hair is.

I like how from the front, you see the sleek hair, but from the side and the back, you see bit messy, texture hair, not so done. Perfect hair style to try, seriously. What I think I should do to get the hair style is:

  • Make sure to shampoo every day to grow my hair (especially the front part) & use some hair vitamins.
  • Buy a can of hair spray. The one that also can help your hair shine like a diamond.
  • Invest in good blow dryer.

I’m totally will try this look this weekend.