Product Review: Tolliver Polo Shirt in Navy Color


As per my post yesterday (the one that I bet you didn’t read either), the items that I bought from are finally here. I bought view things, but let discuss the Tolliver polo shirt first. If you notice, there’s slightly difference between what I saw on the website and with what I got. I know, it’s not me, it’s them who hired nice looking model and the lighting and the photo shop that made the product so appealing.  But let’s get real for second. I like the material (feel soft, I think it’s mixed of cotton and something else), I like how it fits in to my body (thanks heaven I chose the right size, M fyi), and most of all I like how it fits the rest of my wardrobe, just like what I imagine.

Overall, I like this product. With the crazy deal price (only less than $7), it’s totally worth to have this product. Nice job Tolliver, now I’m looking your parka jacket. If the price drops, let me know.

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