Why Do We Keep Buying New Clothes?

Tolliver Polo Shirt in Navy_zalora

Tolliver Polo Shirt in Navy_zalora (Ps: It’s not me in the picture)

 Source: Zalora.co.id

Hi All,

As I drink my morning coffee, I was thinking, why do we keep buying new things? A new watch, bag, and endless clothing? I mean, if we do have good quality items in our closet, are those not enough? Or we just keep fall in to all this ads from magazine, blog, and tweets that say you need this, you should have that? What is our reference point to say it’s okay to click the ‘buy’ button or to give our debit card over the counter?

Then I realize, because life keep changing. For better or worst. It’s good that we can still wear our basic items for more than 3 years, but at some point, don’t you think those items need replacement? My favorite shirt has been worn over and over again and you know what? I love it, but when I look back at photos of me during holidays on 3 different places, I wore the same shirt. It’s nothing like I don’t appreciate my taste, but I’m bit bored. Everything has come to an end. So does my clothing.

It’s time to get new batch of clothes and let the old one retired. Or better, give it to my family in village, where it can found new owner. Buying new clothes doesn’t mean I buy everything, but still use my logic to choose. It’s nice to have magazine or internet to tell you what the stores offer you, but in the end, you should be your own compass on how many or how much you should spend on new batch of clothes. My golden rules is to always get understated items that is classic and can be worn over and over again and will go great with the rest of your wardrobe. For example, I just bought myself a new polo shirt in navy color. Understated and will go with everything. Also, with very reasonable price.

But most of all, you should have fun with fashion, otherwise you are fooling yourself. Happy shopping!