DIY: Short Pants


Remember last week I post a street style picture of short pants in KLIA2? Well guess what? I like to have my own that looks like that, so made my own (shorta).
So here’s how I did it. I found my old pants, that has been with me forever and I haven’t wear it for more than 3 years. So I told myself, “Why not?”
Off course I got help from my tailor buddy. With his suggestions, we changed 3 things to my old pants:
1. Cut the length around 18 cm shorter. (The goal is above the knees.
2. Take off both pockets on the side of the pants. The goal is to make it simple/clean look.
3. Patched view holes around the pants. The goal is to make it a appropriate item to wear & also to make it more personal.

After 2 days waiting & $4 cost, I’m so happy with the result. A new short pants that stylish yet cost efficient. Why not take your old unworn item, see the trend, and give new life?


I’m totally bring it to my Bali trip.