Packing For Bali


Travel Essentials For Bali

Don’t get me wrong, I like to travelling, but I gotta be honest with you, I hate the part of packing/unpacking. Like today, I have to travel to Bali for WORK and again, need to pack my stuff. Finally, after pushing myself the whole day, here’s what inside my bag:

  • Seed weekender bag. It would be my cabin bag.
  • My DIY Sneakers. It’s nice to switch the sneakers for travelling.
  • Mr.porter book that I have not finish.
  • Bandana. FYI, I borrowed from my nephew.
  • Some semi formal shirts. Like I told you, it’s work trip.
  • Khaki pants. It’s Bali, so still can be work but with relaxed vibe.
  • My new Vincci sunglasses.
  • Grooming products like sun cream, shampoo, Old Spice body spray, wet tissues. Because the work included outdoor activities.

Hopefully I will have nice posts to share with you while I’m there.