Three Reasons Why Hostel Perfect For Single People


My recent holiday : Boracay

As I told you last week, I supposedly went for holiday on July, but because of passport issues, I only can reenter after my new passport is ready. That also means one thing, I had adjusted my holiday budget, including where I stay. In my case, from three stars hotel, straight to hostel. I choose MNL hostel & my holiday couldn’t be more perfect. Here are three reasons why you might wanna choose hostel if you are single:

  1. Budget friendly. I only pay like 25% from what I paid for my previous booking. Totally go for cost efficiency.
  2. Get new friends. Sleeping with 7 strangers is boring, so why not making new friends? I met so many new good friends at MNL hostel and we bond over drink, beaches, and good food.
  3. You are not a looser. I mean, could you imagine doing everything on your own? Clubbing alone, swimming alone, & eating alone? I can’t.

 In summary, I had the best vacation ever. So if you are single and really want to try something new, why not try hostel?

Need to take my laundry tonight,