Basic Item You Should Have: Scarf


Basic Item You Should Have: Scarf


I have to fly again tonight, so to avoid last time mistake, I got myself a scarf. I had no idea how cold it was after 30 minutes take off. I had my regular plaids shirt, but  apparently that’s not enough. I still need something to cover my neck and my head, especially when you have 2 hours flight.

I usually don’t wear scarf because a, I live in tropical country. b, I still don’t understand why there are many boys wearing scarf while the temperature is 30 celcius. So my tricks are:

  • Buy non brand scarf that I get in common clothing store, like this one for less than $9.
  • Medium size, that I wear not only as scarf but also as blanket.
  • Light weight so I can take it with me while travelling.

This one comes in blueish color, which pretty basic and would fit to the rest of my wardrobe.

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