If You Have Bit of Confidence

oliver cheshire

oliver cheshire

Source: Zimbio.com

Been working hard at the gym latetly but so far, still not manage to burn of those extra, extra fat from my belly. But if you have flat or even better, 6pack abs, would you dare to wear this look?

Oliver Chesire, the British model shows us how to rock basic gray t-shirt, blue jeans, and burgundy shoes. Effortless cool.

I have those 3 items, but the only thing I need is confidence to tuck in the shirt inside my jeans. Because let me tell you, when I feel having flat belly, I will dare to tuck in my t-shirt, but on regular day, I only wear untucked t-shirt. You know why.

It’s been a long holiday, so maybe I’ll only wear gray t-shirt. Whatever.