Packing For Holiday

Holiday Essentials

Holiday Essentials

It’s here again, the summer/Ramadhan festival, so it means: holiday! Packing all my travel essentials for my holiday destination:

  • Passport (obviously).
  • H&M swim short (with classic polcadot prints).
  • Grooming kit bag.
  • My new Basic TYT tote bag (would like to take it for spin).
  • My lucky Timex watch.
  • My DIY Florals sneakers (What could be more perfect occasion from this?)
  • Light Cotton shirt from Thailand.
  • Sunglasses.
  • View bracelets.

What I learn from my view travel experiences is, if you want to travel light, bring light things as well. View cotton shirt that will absorb the sweat and easily dry after you wash it.

It’s nothing like you care where I’m going, but I’ll tell you tomorrow. You’ll still join the Rabu Ganteng, right?

Fly to KL tonight,