Introducing My Bag: TYT

Basic TYT tote bag

Basic TYT tote bag


Hi All,

I want to share another exciting news with you (well, at least it is for me). I finally have the balls to get my hands to design my own bag. If the response is good, then I can call my brand, “TYT” (It is pronounced ti-wai-ti). I start with one design, which is one of my favourite type of bag. Tote bag. The reason why I like tote bag so much because it’s really versatile. I can wear it to office or simply bring it to yoga class. You can pretty much put your essential: iPad, keys, wallet, note book, and even camera.

Talking about the product itself, I call this bag ‘basic TYT tote bag’, because like I said before, you can pretty much put everything in it. View details about the bag itself:

  • Come in Brown Nude color, which can go with everything.
  • The outside material is canvas (tuff) & inside is very nice suede.
  • Inside, 1 zip pocket, 1 phone pocket, 1 open pocket, and outside has 1 pocket.
  • Optional straps.
  • Golden hardware.
  • Limited edition (only 12 pieces).


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It has simple design and no crazy logo (in my opinion), because I want to have bag that really understated, not follow the trend, but can be worn over and over again for long time and hopefully can fit easily to the rest of your wardrobe. Also since it’s limited edition, you probably won’t find any person wearing the same bag on your way to the office.

What’s even better about the product, it’s very affordable, less than $22. Yes, you read it right. Less than $22. Because I want to offer something that very stylish, practical, yet also very budget friendly.  But you’ll have to wait, because it will be available start next month.

You can start allocate your THR/this month salary from now,