Three Ways To Wear Handkerchiefs

Tree ways to wear Handkerchiefs

Derek Rose Handkerchiefs


I barely use handkerchiefs as clothing accessories, but since the trend for summer even until fall 2014 is included this item, so I think why not share tips how to wear Handkerchiefs?
Here’s 3 way how to wear handkerchiefs without looking like a fool or too old:

  1. As a neck “protection”. Simply tied the handkerchiefs around your neck. Keep it loosely enough and also keep your shirt’s buttons are open, at least 2 buttons from top. If you want, pick the handkerchiefs color should contrast with your shirt. Like classic red handkerchiefs and classic denim shirt.
  2. Put in on your jacket. Keep the color contrast to make people look at your chest the first time they see you. Perfect trick to distract people from your fat belly.
  3. Let it hang on the back of your jeans. You know, for casual look and give you the cowboy vibe.

You know what I’m talking about, right? If not, please use your imagination.

Finish wrote the outline for my new fiction book, hope my editor will like it.