Rabu Ganteng is Back! Now With Fashion Pria


#RabuGanteng is back! Now with Fashion Pria

I’m so happy to let you know that the fun program #RabuGanteng, the one that I had with my publisher two months ago, is back. Only better. This time, we are also collaborate with this great online shopping, Fashionpria.com (you should check out the great products with affordable price).

Anyway, back to this business. So what would happen is, we will ask you to tweet your outfit look with different them every week.  The winner, the one that I pick, would win my book and cool prize as well. For example, today, we have the theme for work outfit. You know what, the reactions was great. So many people join the contest. Great job to my publisher, Gagas Media and my new partner, Fashion Pria.

So next week (every Wednesday) the theme would be party/wedding/dinner outfit.

I have pick my winner for today, but you need to wait until tomorrow.

Maybe it’s you,