DIY : Sneakers With Silver and Gold Colors

Like I told you before, if it’s sneakers and it’s a trend, try to find the most affordable way to have it. In my case, I like to do the project DIY.

My inspiration this time non other than Nick Woster and his endless shoes collection. I particular love his sneakers (his own collaboration as well) in silver and gold colors. I did little twist by mixing two colors.

So here’s what you need:


DIY: Sneakers with Silver & Gold Colors

  • White canvas sneakers.
  • Silver and Gold Markers (you can get it on book stores).

How to make it? Simple. You just need to decide, which part of the shoes you want to be silver and which one to be gold. So after 1 hour, this is my shoes’s final look:


Final Look

What do you think? You can be very honest.