DIY: Summer Floral Sneakers

I’m shoes freaks but still in rational level. Proof #1, I don’t spend fortune for trendy shoes like all those floral/flowers sneakers shoes for summer. There are two reasons. A, Trendy shoes only last for one or two seasons. B, Sneakers are not best way to invest in shoes department. Once the sole tear up, it’s done.

So instead of buying the sneakers from high end store, I made my own. So much cheaper and so much fun.

1. I take one inspiration, in this case, the print from Zara‘s.


2. What I need to create my own sneakers:

    – Cheap sneakers with white canvas.

    – Acrylic colour set.

    – Paint brushes.

    – High light pens.


3. As based colour, I chose the blue navy. Wait a while to make it dry before you apply the next colours.

     While waiting, you can use some time to high light the laces with any colour you want.


4. Get create to make your own kind of leaves & flowers in any colours you want.


The result? My pretty sneakers. One of kind.

I only had fruit for dinner,