VCO For Healthy & Shiny Hair


VCO for thick and shiny hair


Another day, another experience I did with my body. So today, I wanna share with you this hair product that should make your hair healthy (thick) and shiny. Virgin Coconut Oil a.k.a VCO. I found this one in random drugstrore for less than $3.

What I do is every night, if I’ll wash my hair tomorrow morning, will take some of VCO, rubb between my palms before put it on my scalp and hair, especially spot that I’m afraid soon would be bald if I didn’t do something. Leave it over night. In the morning, I wash as usual. I like the hint of coconut smell on my hair.

I’ve been doing this activity for more than 3 weeks and so far, I think it shows something. My hair is not shiny as the model on Details Magazine, but I notice there’s bit of shininess and my hair not dry as it used to be. If you remember, I’m  also using apple vinegar to reduce my dandruff. So yes, I think this trick helps.

Tomorrow I’ll reveal my book cover. Stay tuned.