DIY: Animal Print Slip On Sneakers


“The Inspiration: Animal Print Slip On Sneakers.”


If you really my readers, then you knew already I’ve been dying to have animal prints shoes in my collection for long time. And like the fall of bit coin company, the time is finally here. I have this idea to do it myself because for two reasons. a). There’s no nice animal print slip on that I could find here in Jakarta. b). I found similiar like the inspiration above, but the price is higher than my one month pay check. Forget it, I’m in love with fashion, but not that blind with my money.


Basic slip on sneakers + Acrylic paints + old newspaper + bit creativity

So what I did after I have the idea is, find the basic slip on sneakers. After almost one month of searching, I found this pair from Everlast shop, for only around $23. Here are another things you need if you want to make your own:

+ A pair of black/white slip on sneakers.

+ Acrylic paints (white, black, brown, yellow)- which was free. Thanks to my niece.

+ Paintbrush.

+ Warm water in case you wanna switch from one color to another.

+ Old news papers.

The Process

+ I paint the black from the sneakers with combination of yellow, white, and bit brown. After paint, wait a moment.

+ I start to make the brown spot, based on the inspiration pictures. Wait a while.

+ Last, I apply the black color. Let it dry. And you ready to go.

Final Product


Final product: Happy Feet

No word than awesome. Cool. One of kind. There’s nothing satisfying than see your idea became reality and will make you look good and proud when you wearing it.

Happy B’day UB,



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