Dr.Martens Abbot Penny Loafer


Dr.Martens Abbot Penny Loafer

I’ve been eyeing this shoes for almost 6 months, allocate the money (because for Indonesia’s standard,  $160 is not a little for a pair of shoes),  and finally had the balls to took it home with me yesterday. I had to find the replacement for my favourite Bata Loafer that already over worn.

What I like about this  Dr. Martens Abbot Penny loafer shoes is the classic vibe. I can wear it for office formal look (which I’m going to wear it next Monday) and obviously I can wear with anything for my daily casual look. Plus, I instanly look taller whenever I’m wearing it. Thanks to its thick sole, which I’m hoping would last forever.

Now off to edit my book,