Where Did My Barber Go?


As usual, I get my hair cut every two weeks and when I went to my barber shop this weekend, I did not find my barber. Turns out, he got better offer and moved to the city. It’s nothing like we were best friend or something, but not even text to say good bye? What will happen to my hair?
Dissapointed? Off course. He is of view people who can make me feel good about myself, how can I’m not? Some of my friend won’t find a problem to go to the other part of the city just to get hair cut by their favourite barber.
But what makes me feel not so bad, his replacement, is also kinda did nice job with my hair.
I don’t want to make this thing like a big deal, but I really hope nothing but the best for my (ex) barber.
Whoever gets the chance to have his service, would feel good like I had.
I’m actually excited for Monday,