Review of Uniglo by Michael Bastian



Maybe it’s true what they say: sometime reality is not as beautiful as the dream. Which is exactly what I feel regarding Uniqlo Polo shirt by Michael Bastian. I was so excited when I read the collaboration between one of my favourite Preppy designer and the affordable store. I know I need to have this read polo shirt with cat or dragon fly prints. So summery and most of all, so affordable. Between the picture that I see from GQ (Above) and the actual product I saw last week at Uniqlo store Singapore, not quiet the same.

I know, it’s not realistic for me to expect 100% same beautiful product as its ads, but I mean, I kinda disappoint. The fabric is not that pull together, you know what I mean? I might sound mean, but if you see closer, you can tell the print is not quiet right and I really have problem with the fabric.  I have uniglo products and let me tell you, I like the fabric quality as the price. But not this one.

Maybe I need to find other Michael Bastian Polo shirt,