My First Ever Mr.Porter Purchase

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I finally did it. I finally have the guts to click the purchase button and order one of my must have shoes before I die. Wingtip shoes from Grenson. I’ve been click this shoes from Mr.Porter website almost every day before I sleep. I’m thinking, should I buy it or not? No doubt it would be investment for a life time, but my main concern is, can I afford it?

I ask my friend to use her credit card (I can’t use my Indonesia’s CC here), but sadly, she’s been busy travelling the world, increase the company profit, leaving me staring the picture before I sleep and woke up late. Guess what? Turns out, my debit card also works as well for payment. Can’t not wait for the packet to come. I might have to diet for view weeks, but hey, it’s investment for a lifetime, remember?

to be continue….



5 thoughts on “My First Ever Mr.Porter Purchase

  1. AS says:

    Hey, just wondering did you have to pay any tax/duties when you receive the item?

    Perlu bayar bea cukai segala ngga?


    • titoley says:

      Hi AS,
      Where are you now?
      For my case, the good thing about Mr.porter is, they will also give information letter to duty/tax officer, explaining that this is for personal use, so when I receive it, I didn’t pay anything.
      But that also depends where you stay. I’m based in Malaysia now, have no clue in Indonesia. Because one time I bought shoes from Amazone, I need to pay ekstra for the duty/clearance in Indonesia.
      But that time, I didnt get any letter like the one I got from Mr.Porter.
      You need to confirm with Mr.Porter.
      Hope this helpfull.


      • AS says:

        Hi titoley,

        Thanks for the reply.

        According to Mr Porter website, they will organise for the tax and duties to be prepaid by them to a few countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Unfortunately Indonesia is not one of the listed countries so tax will have to be paid according to the regulation in Indonesia.

        If you don’t mind me asking, how much (in percentage) was the total duty/clearance when you bought your shoe from Amazon?


      • titoley says:

        Hi AS,
        No wonder I didn’t have to pay extra here.
        But at the time, when I bought shoes from Amazon, I had to pay around 25% of the shoes value. Although you can get reduction by showing your NPWP, it still quite expensive for me.
        So my sugguestion is, ask your family /friend who lives in those countries to delivered to them before they bring back to you to Indonesia.
        Hope this help.


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