Wranger Spencer The Slim Jeans


My basic rule before I buy new things, whether it’s phone or any clothing items (except for shoes and accesories), it is must because the current one is already broke or not fit anymore. That’s what happen when I decided to buy new pair of jeans. I already been wearing my old Wrangler for more than 3 years and it’s time for me to get new one. In this case, I keep coming back to Wrangler.

Wrangler is one of my favourite jeans brands, especially the for blue dark jeans. It fits you well and makes your bump look good as well. If last time I buy the skinny one, then this time I did little twist. I choose the slim fit. As I get older, I also need to decide what pants appropriates for my age but still fit to my body type. The spencer slim jeans more likely is the same with the skinny one, except, it has more room for your legs to move and would be great for casual friday at office. One of my good investment this year. Hopefully would last for long term.