You Should Watch This: Joan Knows Best

Joan Knows Best

Source: WeTv


Three reasons why I encourage you to watch this reality show ( PS: this is the only reality show I watch):

  1. Joan Rivers. I love everything about this woman. The killer jokes, the attitude, the style, and even the plastic surgery. She hates when people saying this, but she is a truly legend. Can’t get enough of her.
  2. Stress killer. If you watch the show, then trust me, you will forget your stress for a while. All the drama and the crazy/funny things that happening can make your weekend better, even when you are single, living alone at your apartment, and eat can soup.
  3. It’s free. Yes, this what I found as the best part. You don’t have to wait until someone upload it on Youtube before you can watch. After the it showed on television, you can watch via internet. Click here for detail.

If there’s anything I call guilty pleasure, this is it.