Thinking About A Great Trouser

A great trouser

I’m a casual person. Very Casual person. So it makes sense if I don’t prioritize my formal outfit, including formal trouser. As you know, I’m working for a company now, and it’s also expected for every guy to dress with decent look. Including proper basic like a great trouser.
I have view trousers, mostly in gray color, but I still feel missing the perfect one.  The one like this wool trouser from Givenchy. I don’t usually go for black trouser, but somehow I think I should agree that black trouser is one of the fundamental basic of wardrobe. You know, the type of trouser that fits my criteria: good material and good design ( fit, not slim or tight) and you can wear it for view years. With almost anything. Therefore, it should fit you perfectly.
Hurry come February so I can go back to Jakarta and buy something like Givenchy’s. I’m dying for great trouser, but not that hopeless to spend hundreds of dollar for a trouser. There’s gotta be great trouser with affordable price for me out there, waiting to be own by me.
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