How To Choose Luggage


Hi All,

It’s 2013, can you believe that? I hope you had great Christmas & New Year holiday. Back to office and back to work again. And back to travel again, right?

If you read my post about moving to Malaysia, then you know that I’ve using my Sister & My brother’s in law’s luggages. So like love at the first sight (more like when your saving is enough), I finally found my first ever bought-with-my-own-money luggage. It’s American Tourister. It’s big enough to carry my things, made from light material, and low maintenance. I saw it was on sale (yes, I’m budget sensitive shopper) at TANGS department store in Singapore then I knew it I had to have it. The price also very friendly, I even got tax refund.

Three things to remember when you are searching for new luggage:

  1. Size Matters. Are you travel a lot? Do you bring many things with you? Or is just a business trip so you don’t need big luggage.
  2. Brand. If you will spend some money for your luggage, make sure it’s worth every dime of your money. Do a little research or ask your family/friend who’s travel alot, they will give you good reviews. When you go to the store to see it, play with it a little bit. Is it easy for you to move around? Always try before decide to buy it.
  3. Maintenance. Oh yes, you have to think about the post travel maintenance. Is it easy to keep the luggage clean or should you bring it to dry cleaner? Does it come with cover to keep out the dust? My trick is to choose the color of luggage that dust proof. You just need a wet tissue to wipe the dust. When you choose color like red or light blue, it’s another story.

Have a safe travel,