How Not To Become Mr.Matchy Matchy


Source: Zimbio

It easier for us (guys) to become fashion victim #8213 or most known as Mr.Matchy Matchy. Wearing belt and shoes in same color and match our shirt with our shoe’s color. If you think you look fashionable, erg, think again. In my opinion, you are not only look boring, but you will look trying too hard. One of the basic rules when it comes to Menswear Fashion is you have to put attention for your look without looking to obvious. Trying but not trying too hard, you know what I mean?

Take a clue from Zac Efron who’s applying this rule very well. He looks fashionable without trying too hard. If most guys (yes, it might be you) would pair his black shirt with black converse sneakers, then stop and start think differently. Wear another basic color. Efron wears his black shirt with khaky AND gray sneakers. Simple but really genius, right? That’s how we should think when we wake up every morning to think what outfit I should wear today. Think differently.

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