Different Country, Different Dress Code

Hi All,

How are you guys? Gotta tell you, it’s been a week, maybe more, since the last time I published a post. It’s because I moved from Indonesia to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It’s work related folks, not permanently, although I think I’ll be here for a while. I settle my apartment but still no internet line (still working on that), so like I said yesterday, I’m blogging from a caffe who offers free wi-fi with any purchase.

To Start this new post in new country, I think there’s no better way to start other than to tell you what is like people dress over here. For starter, I think there’s so much different style, compare to Indonesia. Here, you can find people dress very conservative and yet also very revealing. You can see people wearing kerudung and some wearing short short walking in the same road and they don’t have problem with that. Or seem okay with that.

The same thing also applies for office. For example, at my office, you can see the variance of style. Some people dress very polish, but the other one not so much. They basicly can wear anything they want-still in good sense for office dress code. Some trying too hard to get notice, some put a little bit effort just to get dress for office. But what more interest for me is, every Friday, you can wear a t-shirt. You can be yourself after wearing shirt and formal shoes for 4 days in the row.  Thanks God I bring all of my favourite shirts, jeans, and not mention my shoes, which made my sister happy (now she has extra space for her wardrobe). How cool is that?

Overall, I think there’s so much style material here, not mentioned that JB is only a bridge away from Singapore. Will keep you post it.



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