Meet My Secret To Keep In Shape


New Balance Running Shoe

If you see the pattern, then this September, other than NYFW, my is all about shoes. So, one more blog about shoe won’t hurt, no? Meet my last additional shoes. Personally, I don’t really into running shoe, because you can only wear it while you are working out. I hate running because it makes you realize how lazy you are on sport and how big the chance you will get heart problem when you are getting older.
The only reason why I bought it because I need to keep in shape. Well, okay, that’s not entirely true. Two of my co-workers told me I’m getting fat lately without any concern how I felt hearing that. So the next weekend I go to sport station and get myself a new pair of New Balance.  And I start to run again. It just like I though it would be. Hell. I run out of breath in the first 5 minutes. It’s like high school again, where your gym teacher pushed you to run the field for 30 minutes.
But the good news is, I have options. Swimming. It is like one of those fun things you do and feel great because you will burn some calories. Life is hard folks. Can you tell me what is your favourite exercise to keep in shape?
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