Which Jonas Brothers are You?


Image: Zimbio

It’s Friday, so it’s okay for me to ask you silly question, “Which Jonas Brothers are you?”. If you are mostly like:

  1. Nick & Kevin, then you are mostly the kind person who likes to get into the trend with moderate level. Good for you because most guy would choose this kind approach when it comes to fashion. No drastic look, only basic staple like monkstrap shoes  and one piece subtle print item like pants (on Kevin) or shirt (on Nick) while keep the rest in save colors.  Try on trendy piece one item at a time-best way to get yourself comfort with fashion. On the other hand, if you are like….
  2. Joe, then you are mostly the kind of person who takes fashion over the top. Butterflies shirt and pants that too tight? Enough already Joe. We know you desperate for attention, but to get it by making us looking at your crotch? Take down a little bit. Only fashion guy who would dare to wear this outfit on the street (excluded me!).

So, what is your answer? Please tell, no judging here-only tease you back. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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