My Bucket List: Church’s Shanghai Fringed Loafers

My Bucket List: Church’s Shanghai Loafers

I know, I’m not old yet, but just in case I pass away soon, I want to share with you, my readers, what’s on my bucket list. It’s not climb to Everest, because I think it is stupid idea, nor do one of those extreme sports, because it is even more stupid act just to prove to everyone that you are not depressed.

Back to my point, one thing that really makes me smile or makes my life (or death) complete is Church’s Shanghai loafers. If you see the details, the leather’s quality, the design, the art of hand make to create the shoes, you will amaze by it. I know Church is iconic brand and has more than one product as its best seller, but I just click with the Shanghai.

The two tone colors & the fringe are the two most fundamental reasons why I fall for Shanghai (not because I’m Asian). You can wear it with your “office” outfit OR my favorite, with jeans and your everyday t-shirt. It’s totally kick ass look. Not only you’ll look good, but also people will instantly notice you. Plus, this is the kind of investment piece you might want in your wardrobe, will stay with you even after you die.

The only reason why it is on my bucket list is because I still can’t afford it yet. As you may read, it is hand made in Great Britain, which totally makes sense the retail price. £530 at Church official page and £504.17 at Mr. Porter’s website.  That’s like my one month living cost, but who knows, once I got bonus, God knows for what I’ll spend it. People will die anyway, but shoes are immortal.

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