No Body’s Perfect.Literally.

Write down your body measurement on paper

Truth hurts. And I have to learn that from my tailor. After fitting my new shirts the other day, I discovered one annoying yet interesting thing about my body. I’m not perfect. Literally. Yes, my body is asymmetric. I can give you endless details, but you won’t able to eat your lunch. So to avoid that, let me tell one big truth about my shoulder. The length between left and right shoulder is not the same. Maybe this is the reason why I always though my shirts always not fit my body perfectly.

But on the bright side, I got discount from my tailor. No, I’m just kidding. Really, I learn at least two new lesson here: (a) Now I know, well, now my tailor knows how to customize my next shirt perfectly with my body. This is the reason, why I believe and have told you many times, why tailor should be your best friend. Not only he knows your flaws, but also could fix it, makes you look the best you can be. That’s my definition of what a best friend is for; (b) To always have your body’s size on paper (see the picture above. Download & write down your  own size), just in case you need to customize your  new shirt or pants. But remember to update, I mean, to measure your body size every now and then, ‘coz things simply change.

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