Tips: How To Take Care Your Canvas Bag

Add softener like Molto Ultra after wash it with detergent to keep your canvas bag smells nice

This is my version of everyday bag. I take it with me everyday to the office, weekend, travel, well basicly anywhere. It’s made from canvas, so it can fit my iPad, wallet, book, camera, and even rain coat. Surprisingly, after more than a year, it still hold together. It start to fade a little bit, with tiny mark here and there, but that what makes it more unique.

So, in order to keep its live longer, I try to to clean it regularly. I used to bring it to dry cleaner, but also, I can do it by myself, on Sunday morning. I only soak it with regular detergent for a while, to let all the dust out and gently brush to make sure it is clean. But here the trick. After wash it with water, I add softener, I prefer Molto Ultra, leave it for a while and then dry it. When you do your canvas bag like this, not only your bag will clean, but also will smell nice for a while. Ready to be your sidekick to face the day.

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