Batik: Great Alternative for Summer Print Shirt

Great Alternative for Print Shirt This Summer

Reason #123 to love Indonesia, besides its delicious foods, is easy to find one of the spring summer trend: print shirt. Here, the type of traditional print shirt is known as Batik. Most people wear it as casual friday outfit or for attending wedding or other formal party. You can find Batik shirt almost everywhere, from bargain store to high end departement store. The price range also varies. The choice is in your hand.

If you live in Indonesia, then you must know you have to spend a quiet fortune to have print shirt from luxury brand like Prada or even Topman. It is okay if you are really have good pay check, but for some reason, especially it is only a trend (may come and go very fast), there is always great alternative to follow fashion without sacrifice your bank’s account. Especially with fashion awareness from batik brand Increase this days. They start to collaborate their own aesthetic with current trend. Result: slim fit collection from Batik Keris Indonesia.

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