Early Bird Does Get The Cut First

Early Bird DOES get the first cut

With my typcal kind of hair (some curly, some straight, the rest unidentified), I always try to have my cut every two weeks. I will go to my favourite barbershop, Kehead on Saturday or Sunday. Sadly, that is also the typcal kind of routine for other 20 dudes in the weekend. So what happens is we have to wait atleast an half hour or more to get our hair cut. So I tried a little different this time.

I woke up early and go to Kehead around 9 am. The window just half open, the sign of “closed” just been twisted to “Open”, and as you may guess, I was the first customer of the day. Not only I felt like I got the VIP treament (No other guy’s eyes rolling at you for making too many cut adjustments or got longer masssages), but also will save your time from waiting in the line.

Early bird does get the cut first.

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