R.I.P (Run In Panic)

What is one thing you would take with you when earth quake attacks?

Living in Indonesia means two things: you can buy many fake branded bags and die easily due to natural disaster. Flood, FPI, or earth quake. Just like what happens earlier, when there was earth quake near Sukabumi, west Java. The office building was shaking a little bit while me and co workers were disscussing which best solution to complete our month end report. My first reaction was to run as fast as I can, find the exit door and tried to keep alive. One of my co-workers, running back to his desk to get his Blackberry. He wanted to call his wife, in his defense.

Don’t want to sound too dramatic, but what would you like to have while running from danger? Your phone, wallet, or worst, your work report? Surprisingly, I only run with nothing but myself. First, I kinda proud for choosing life over material things only to find out later, the real reason why I did it. I didn’t want die yet in my office oufit. It’s called basic instinct.

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