Recycle Bag: The Everywhere Bag

It’s not earth day momentum or the Green Peace vision to make a better environment the reason why I wanna talk about recycle bag. It’s because I found recyle bag is cool. You can bring it as “everywhere” bag: grocery store bag, gym bag, or as extra bag wherever you travel. I found this recyle bag at Kemchicks supermarket, for like IDR.13K (less than $1.5).  It has everything I need for recycle bag: the fabric is strong, enough to carry alot of things, and the most of all, the design is simple yet so stylish.

Also, from my personal perspective, it remains me of my childhood memory. If you are in my age of group, then you remember when your Mother or GrandMa used to carry their daily grocery shopping with one of these bags. Whether it’s from plastic or made from flour’s sack. It’s totally classic and eco friendly.

Now relate with environment issue (Green Peace if you read this), using recycle bag means less plastic consumed. I mean, let’s be honest, I think we are kinda too crazy with using plastic on daily basic. We don’t need to carry our one tiny milk cartoon with plastic bag, which will be wasted immediately when we get home, do we?

By aware of the recylce bag’s purpose, not only we save our planet in one baby step, but also we will send the message to the world: fashion is not only about fun, but also about enviroment- in very fashionable way!