The Glasses Question

My co-workers think I’m wearing glasses just for fun (read: style) and my Sister thinks I don’t have eye problem although she has seeing me wearing glasses for weeks. What is going on with them? Don’t they know glasses is to help you see clearer?

Maybe it’s because my glassess is not typical modern’s glassess. No frame, rectangular, and made from plastic. Well, like I said before, that kind of glasses is simply not me.  Think my father’s old aviator frames. It has vintage vibe, wider view, and definitely bigger attention when you wearing it.

For me, classic is the new modern. I like add style with functionality. I like to have fun in almost everthing I do, including for my eyes. Where is the fun to only wear something just for functionality? Totally not fun at all.

How To Find Vintage Glasses For Less Than $60

I think people with antique style, whatever it is: glassess, watches, shoes, or clothes, is people with personality. And little lesson I learn, when you have personality, you will stand out from the crowd. You, with the classic, vintage glassess will get noticed faster than 100 people who are wearing the same boring glasses. Believe it or not, when you get noticed (plus other things), it will be easier for you to be success.

So, next time when people asks me, whether I wear glassess for style or for sight? I will simply answer “Both”.