The Problem With Benefit For Menswear Store M2 and Salt & Pepper


Last week I was at MKG shopping centre and I can tell the holiday season was there. Big sales all over the place. Almost every store put discount numbers as attractive as it can be. But one thing that got my attention were two of my favourite stores: M2 and Salt & Pepper. Similar to the other stores, those menswear store also put big red sales sign on its windows. If you don’t go often (like I do), then you won’t see the one tiny different. Those two store always put sales sign almost every day. M2 for instant, always put 20% off on daily basis and every end of month, it can be 50 % or even 70% from normal price. Salt & Pepper on the other hand, also has 20 % off on daily basis but even more interesting, once I bought shirt on regular price, then the next two months I saw the same shirt already had 50% off on it. Say what?

My only concern is how those two store’s branding in the market/customer. When you easily put sales sign on your products everyweek, then your brand is easily viewed as very affordable brand. Which is good if your target market is middle-low, but when you see where those two brand’s stores took place, it’s kinda odd. But on the bright side, you don’t have to break your bank in order to get a piece of good quality wardrobe that comes with half price tag. You just have to know when to buy it.