I have bad feeling, one of the biggest trends this year is gonna be beard. If you watch Milan Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week, whether on runway or on the street, it is beard everywhere. Short, long, black or gray, you name it, they have it.

Usually I would ask “What-is-this”, but somehow I like it.  At first impression, we may call it cave man style or even simply gross, but when you put well cut tailoring pieces of fabric & great sense of styling, you gonna call it kick ass trend. It gives sense of mature & “I-don’t-really-care” vibe from a man with a beard. I bet the girls will digg it too.

Maybe it is because in the last view years, the grooming trend was all about sleek & clean cut & people got bored. So now, the clothes still inspired by the classic & very sartorial, but with new twist. Grow your beard. Well, blame it on Nick Woster or Umit Benan who start the trend.