Where To Find Colorful Socks

As you now know, bright color is gonna be one of the biggest trend for 2012. I’m not color person, most of my wardrobe are based on dark colors like gray, black, brown, & navy. But it’s spring & I wanna add a pop of colour in my outfit without looking like a clown on the street. How I’m gonna do that? Enter socks.

 I already said this before and here I’m saying again, socks are the simple way to bring spring vibe to your wardrobe. Especially when you working at the office & have typicall consevative dress code, adding details like red socks to your typicall gray shirt & black pants will take you to another level of stylish.

 The only little problem I have, it is not easy to find those kind of bold socks for mens. I already tried to search @ Matahari & Centro, but there was none. I extended my area to women department (too small & too girly) and even children’s are, also no luck. Then on the third trial, I found it. It’s @ Marks & Spencer, on GI shopping center, Jakarta. I think I have double luck. First it come in packet of 4 pairs of colorfull variance socks, then the best of all, it was on sale for 70 %. The original price was IDR 249k ($23), I only have to pay IDR 79K ($8). How cool is that? Now I’m ready to have fun with spring/ summer.