How To Choose Perfume

I have confession to make, i never had perfume before. The are two reason to explain. 1st, I didn’t have enough money during my college struggling days. 2nd, i can’t find the perfume that makes my nose fly away (Is that even the right ekspresion?). Until I meet Unforgivable by Sean John aka P. Diddy, aka Sean, i can’t keep up with his name these days.

Anyway, here are 3 simple tips on how to choose your first perfume:

  1. Be patience. Find the right perfume is like to find the right shoe for you. Never rush to buy a perfume, just because you desperate or mostly because the sales person is pushing you to buy perfume that you don’t even like. Try as many pefume as you can & take time to short, which perfume that you like. Quick tip: take your buddy or your girlfriend, because they know you. & will tell you the truth if you smell like scotch.
  2. Take Notes. Perfume divided by 3 notes. 1st Notes or Top Notes is our first impression of scent. Wait until 10 minutes, the smell again the card, this the 2nd Notes or Middle Notes. Then after one hour, smell again. This is called Dry-Down-Note, which will last until 3 or 4 next hours. The last notes is actually what the perfume will smell, after mixed with your body. Try to put the perfume in your wrist or throat, then go for walk, let the sales person waits for you. If, after one or two hours, you still like the smell of the perfume, then you may find the winner.
  3. Apply with Logic. We all know choosing perfume is something personal, but it is not the case when you spread it. You may love it, but people well not so much. Always apply your perfume with logic. It’s good to let people know you smell nice, but don’t torture them with over spread perfume. For optimal result, apply perfume to your throat, wrist, chest, or the sides of your neck. These are pulse points for heat, and they create the best interaction between perfume and yournatural oils. The golden rule is no one should smell your perfume, unless you standing close to them.