How To Increase Productivy At Work

The reason why my desk is a mess and why I’ve been struggling to complete my daily jobs is because I’m geminy. I know for some of you, it doesn’t make any sense, but that is the real case.

The files report all over the place and phone won’t stop ringing or the email keeps coming-which means another job to do, and I will basicly forget what to do in the next five minutes. I’m confuse because alot things need to be done that somehow increase my stress level. At the end of day, I can finally done my job with view notes: some still need to be edited, I gotta redo sales report tomorrow, and I’m still at the office at 7 pm.

It’s new year and maybe it sounds cheesy, but there’s nothing wrong to make new improvement this year. Here’s quick & simple tips on how to increase our productivity at work:

  1. Make a List. I never though by write down every job I need to do, help me so much to remember all kind of task needs to be done. Maybe this is the reason why I forget one thing after 5 minutes. Always have a pen and blank sheet in your desk.
  2. Have Prioritize. After have to do list, then it comes the priotize part, which task is urgent or which job can done later. My trick is to always start with simple/easy one, because it somehow increases my level of confident.
  3. Take A Break & Rest. This is for you- workalholic worker, who works all the time & always says no everytime your body scream for a break or even a decent rest. I read from Harvard Business Review, the ideal time for us to have break is every 90 minutes of working. Our eyes been staring the computer screen, our body needs to move, and our mind needs a fresh air. Even we need a quick  nap during lunch hour. The point is, we can use  a 10 minutes of break.
  4. Boost your energy with right food & drink. There’s no doubt food has major contribution in our life or work, that’s why it is important for us to choose the right kind of food or snack that can boost our spirit. Grain bread, roasted peanuts, and all kind of fresh fruit are always the best options. For drink, I don’t know about you, but I always have a cup of black coffee to kick up my day and one after lunch. It totally boosts my concentration and  I feel good. For alternative, you can always have green tea. The key is to eat/drink enough, never over eat, that’s just make you sleepy or go to toilet more often.
  5. Music for Good Spirit. While for music, no body can’t argue that music has good effect in terms of work. The problem is how to choose the right kind of music for the right time. My advice is to never listen your break up song in the morning, doesn’t matter if you are boy or girl, trust me, sad music will ruin your entire day. Choose mid up beat music that can upgrade your mood and spirit to be the best you can be. I think it’s find to listen one or two songs if you need a break, but never underestimated the power of slow music (jazz or classic mozart). It is music to go when you need to slow down.
  6. Reward Yourself. There’s always price for everything, including work. Once you done with your today to do list, everynow and then, give yourself a reward. I’m not talking about new watch or gadget, but something more simple. A glass of Starbucks or wine won’t kill your bank but will make you even feel good about yourself. Or the simple reward that you can give yourself almost every single day, go home on time. I mean, after you done your job, then why still working and not spending the rest of your day with family or go the gym? It’s called balancing life.