Do Judge A Book by Its Cover: Just ask Kim Jong Un

When I first hear (I read a tweet actually) that Kim Jong Un is on the cover on the cover on WWD Man of The Week, I thought “Wow… It’s a revolution!” After his dad pass away, finally the new leader of North Korea makes first bold statement not in politic or economy magazine, but instead he is choosen by fashion magazine. I was excited untill I saw the real deal.

I never follow politic because it’s depressing, but Kim Jong Un is anything but depressing. He has a really puppy face, which is kinda funny if you are the Commander In Chief -who supposedly have serious mean face. But more than that, he does need serious fashion advice. His outfit of choice is ridiculous. It’s not entirely his fault. When you live in country where there’s no foreign television or GQ Magazine allowed, then you have no clue of what to wear.

My point is a book gets judged by its cover. The same thing with people. Never believe if your Mom tells you that you are beautifull boy and you can walk outside the house in your ugly pajamas. Get dress well. Ask for style tips. Do whatever you can to represent your look the best you can. And maybe someday you will end up in WWD cover, just with better review and better grade.

Happy New Year everyone!!