Pre-New Year’s Resolution: 5 Ways to Save Your Bonus!

You may or may not find it’s hard to believe: I’m kinda good to make money, but not good enough to save it. I always find something-well mostly clothing, that i think need  and spend all the money I got. So by the end of the week, I will have a bunch of stuff that I won’t wear it again after three months and I will have the regrets for the rest of my life. Why I can’t save some of my money?

I could live from one paycheck to another, I’m okay with that. But what really bothers me is everytime I got my yearly bonus, I already know what to do (read: spend) those IDR even before I receive the actual money. I tried to make another bank’s account-for saving purpose only, but somehow it would end up to be my shopping access emergency. Well basicly I can’t keep my hand off my debit’s card. So for this year, hopefully I still get my bonus but I better come up with another plan or otherwise, I”ll end up as homeless who has many clothes but no future. That is no cool at all.

Here are 5 ways to save your bonus (Money):

  1. Deposit. It is the simple and the fastest way to protect your money. You can’t touch it when you want a new gadget untill the next 6 months. In extreme case, we can choose deposit that not only can’t be withdrawal before its due date, but also we have to pay extra cost for that. It makes us to think twice, isn’t it?
  2. Mutual Fund. Great way to start invest for a new beginner or in my case as an investor-who-doesn’t-have time or intention to manage his money because has shopping issue. After choose the well known mutual fund company, then you have to fill the placement form, to decide which type of investor are you. Conservative, moderat, or risk taker type. In some company, you can actually buy those unit of investment anytime, or even better, can be automatically deducted from your account on fixed date every month. You have to wait one year minimum before you can redemption your mutual fund. In other word, you can save 1 year of shopping problem from yourself.
  3. Gold. Yes, I said it before and i said it again. Saving your money in form of precious metal is definitely a smart way of keep track your dime. Buy Gold coins at Antam or Pegadaian, and if you need emergency cash (i’m not talking about Centro‘s sales), then you can easily resale the coin or simply pawn it at Pegadaian. With the price trend that keeps higher, I totally recommend to convert your bonus to gold coin.
  4. Investment Piece. Okay, where is the fun of having money if we can’t enjoy it a little bit? Yes, i’m talking about shopping. But please don’t get the wrong idea. I never suggest you to go crazy for shopping for anything. Instead, we have to make wise decision. Buy something that would last forever. Well not forever forever, but for a long time. You can buy yourself a beautiful jewelry that you can wear with style, but also you can sell anytime. Or my favourite idea, this one is for you gentlements, buy yourself a fine watch that you can wear for the rest of your life with proud. Not nessecery Rolex or Cartier, but Timex, Casio, or Swatch can be worm for years.
  5. Health Insurance. This is like the last thing we could think of or even to be considered to spend our money at, but let’s be honest, living in this super expensive world without having good health is like flying without well…insurance.  What more excited these days, the insurance company also offer insurance plus investment programme. For instant, when you have IDR500k insurance fee/month, then after 1 year, the company will allocate most of your fee to investment. So by the end of the day, you can secure your health and also your money.