Trend Alert: Pajama & Shirt as Outwear

The world keeps change, so does the evolution of Menswear. What once should be worm only at night before you go to sleep or you wear under your formal shirt, now is official become outwear item. Just ask David Bekcham, David Gandhi, and Ryan Gosling.

Those three most stylist men of 2011 show us how a shirt can be worm on the street, a party event, and even pajama is welcomed at the red carpet. Talking about an effortless cool style. The key to make it happen without loosing the “formal” sense is to keep the shirt or pajama simple (one basic colour) and has great quality of fabric. Another trick to make it even more appropriate for the outside the house activity is to add a touch of kick ass jacket like Gandhi or two tone shoe for playfull side of Gosling.


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Pajama & Shirt as Outwear

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