Office’s Basic Wardrobe Staples (10 Pieces That Every Man Should Have)

So now you got your first job, congrats! Then what next? Start to find pieces for your office look. But the problem is, we often don’t have any clue on how to choose the right one, do we? Your experience only good to mix jeans and t-shirt and you can’t ask your Father’s opinion because you know you don’t want to look like a typical father yet. You wanna look young, fresh but still manage to be professional.
Don’t worry, I got your cover. For professional look, all you need is the right Basic Wardrobe Staples (BWS). What I mean BWS is collection of basic pieces that every boy/man should have in their closet. To build professional look, we have to master the basic. From there, we can move to master great sense of style. The tricky part is how do we know what’s what for BWS?

  1. White Shirt, always buy the most expensive (quality) white shirt you can get.
  2. Black Trouser, with white shirt, those two are the most important pieces for your office look. That’s why you should have @least one black trouser that fit your body well and you feel good when u wear it! If you are short or skinny, you may wear skinny trouser. But if you tall or big, the slim trouser is best option to go. The Executive has best slim/skinny trouser.
  3. Black Oxford Shoe. Black is always classic and save to go with almost anything for office. Invest your steps for years to come with the best oxford shoe. Tips: if you live in Jakarta’s area, then you must go to Pasar Senen’s area, where you can buy those best oxford shoe (originally made for military/police officer) with very friendly price. I guarantee you will have those shoes for a long run.
  4. Messenger Bag. Invest in leather (black/brown) or nylon, just remember to keep it classic. It will looks better with time (trust me).
  5. Blue Oxford Shirt. Another basic piece that we should have. My suggestion is blue oxford shirt made from cotton. Perfect for tropical weather. G2000 has one of the best blue oxford shirt.
  6. Khakis Pants. Beside black trouser, khakis pants is another kind of pants that you should own. It easy to mix with every shirt from your closet and will add style to your office look instantly.
  7. Plaid Shirt. Plaid is never out of style and with khakis, will make your casual Friday never boring. Check out Levi’s collection.
  8. Sneakers. Yes, you may still wear sneakers for work, but upgrade the sneakers with better material and simple design. And where we turn for sneakers other than Converse?
  9. Black Belt. Always invest in good black belt.
  10. Watch. Timex is the classic watch that will make statement for your office look for the rest of your life.