The “It” Things

I can’t count for sure how many times I’ve been bought many thing before I finally found the one that I really like-A lot!! For example, office’s bag. Before I found the it bag in form of tote, I had to bought backpack, messanger bag, & briefcase. Those are great bag and came in great price too, but somehow I don’t feel that comfortable when I go to the office with one of those. Then someday I found what I’ve been looking for. A nice tote bag from local brand-Parachute. It was everything I need for a office’s bag. Medium size (big enough for iPad), classic design (In navy blue colour with brown leather), & It was on sales on Centro (I got it for less than IDR.150k). Since then, I barely change my office’s bag, except when it is being dry cleaned.

Lesson learned? It is okay to be failed in term of finding the right/it things for us.  If you fail, then try again. Fake it untill you make it-if you have to. Just remember, take your time, there is no need to rush. Our style is divined by our past experiences, included mistakes. But once you got it (office bag/watch/shoes/anything), please take care with your life. Is that even make any sense? Well, you decide.