Question of the day: INTERVIEW OUTFIT!

Hi Titoley,

       I’m a fresh graduated and start to looking for  a job. Since I have no idea what to wear for interview, can you help me out? Thanks Bro.



Hi Mike,

I don’t know what kind of job that you looking for, but one thing for sure, conservative look is always save to go with.  I read once that employer decide only in 5 seconds, whether we qualify for the job or not, based on our look. So the point is, we gotta look as good as we can be for the interview session.

 Here are the 5 tips to nail a job-from sytle point of view:

  1. Grooming: Make sure you cut your hair short but still easy to manage, keep your fingers clean, and please don’t use too much or stronge cologne/perfume. Keep it light and fresh.
  2. The savest shirt to wear is white shirt. But don’t worry, in order to avoid the trainee ish impression, combine with skinny tie that you can play with its texture or colour (black or navy).
  3. The Bag. Never bring backpack or even worst, your old college’s bag. Medium Satchel or messanger bag in black or brown colour is best way to send the message that you are ready for business.
  4. Pants. Black or gray is always best options. Make sure sure its slim fit, not too baggy or too tight.
  5. Shoes. Leave your sneakers for weekend, polished oxford shoes or other “serious” shoes, (again) in black colour is the answer.

So Mike, good luck with your job interview!