TWIST: How to Wear Men’s Jewelry, Olivia Palermo on Branding, The Important of Our Picture

Better late than never! I know I should publish this post on Sunday, but here I am, present you what you missing last night. Hopefully each article will inspire you for something, or at least be your company in this raining day.


1.The Style Blogger – How to Wear Man Jewelry, featuring Philip Crangi
Pulling off man jewelry can be tricky and daunting at times. Which pieces to pair together, how much is too much, how to keep it all looking masculine, etc.

Who better to show us the ropes than my favorite jewelry designer, and one of our style inspirations here at, Philip Crangi.


2.OLIVIA PALERMO – exposedzippers
At the age of 25 you’ve already filled roles such as model, designer, cover girl, style icon and now blogger. What excites you most about your new venture?

There are a few aspects of this venture that are most exciting to me. Being able to travel and participate in the fashion industry in several different capacities on a global scale gives constant inspiration. is an online media platform that will allow me to share the beauties I experience on my travels. But, most importantly, it is also a platform to profile and share with the world other tastemakers that I believe in. Everyone needs fashion inspiration; places inspire me, clothes and art inspire me, but most importantly, it’s the wonderful people I work with and alongside that inspire me. Through my site I will introduce these people to an online audience.

3.What Does Your Profile Picture Say to the World? –
Social-media profiles are increasingly important in building your business identity. “It’s a hugely powerful branding tool—and you have to be very strategic about building it,” says Nicole Williams, connection director for LinkedIn.