TWIST: Why We Make Facebook Richer Everytime We Update Status, Karl Lagerfeld Opens Up, Christian Louboutin’s Store For Men Only

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1. Cohan: Getting Rich From Others Was Never Easier – Bloomberg
One of the dirty little secrets of the current social-networking mania is that users of services such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr give away their content while the shareholders of the companies are busy getting obscenely rich.

2.Karl Lagerfeld Opens Up: style file: daily fashion, party, and model
More than anyone else in the fashion world, Karl Lagerfeld gives the impression that he’s propelled by a massive tailwind—nothing seems to irk him more than slowing down, revisiting, pulling into port. Even his words come out in rapid gusts.

3.In Paris, Christian Louboutin Opens a Store for Men’s Shoes – Front Row –
THE hottest new store to open just in time for the women’s collections of Paris Fashion Week sells nothing but men’s shoes. And very expensive men’s shoes at that.